Free Photoshop A5 Flyer Mockup

This mockup comes as a set of designs with 2 options, a single flyer on its own and a set of flyers where both the front and the back of the design can be displayed!

To use the file you will need Photoshop and an A5 flyer designed at 148mm x 210mm with no bleed. See below for a quick guide on how to use file.

1. When you open the file you will see the following image, double click on the layer box (shown below in red).

Free Photoshop Flyer mockups

2. Simply replace the design of the flyer with your own design then save the design. You can also close the window at the top of the workspace and when asked if you want to save the document, click yes and your design will be applied.

Mockup Information

File Format: PSD
Layers: Smart Objects
Dimensions: 4295 x 2863 Pixels
Resolution: 300dpi
File Size: 114 MB

Download the PSD File here:


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