It sounds so cheesy, but they really don’t make them like they used to these days. The other day I sat and watched the Back to the Future trilogy with my sister, and It just made me realize that I haven’t seen a film that original or that enjoyable for a long time.


What has happened to movie these days? Let’s remake this s**t movie that should never be remade, let’s remake this classic movie that should never be remade or let’s remake this classic Jap horror and ruin it!

This seems to be the general gist of movies these days, oh and I forgot about the whole sequel thing, I mean come on Die Hard 5 is now in production, Bruce will be smashin’ people in the face with his zimmer frame before long!



Not to mention the hundreds of other pointless sequels that have been churned out in the last 10 years, with an exception to Lord of the Rings and yes I’ll admit it……Harry Potter (watched them recently and was pretty surprised how good they are)


Is it really that hard to come up with an original idea now, or is just the fact that all the best ideas have been done before and there is nothing left to say?!

I loved Inception because I think Nolan took a risk with that film, but it paid off and it was the most I’ve enjoyed myself in the cinema for a long time. It had twists, turns and it was original….exactly what you want from a movie.



So the conclusion to this is bring back the 80’s movie I say, I recently watched “The Hole” by Joe Dante of gremlins fame, and it was a definite hark back to the 80’s, awesome movie! So there is still movie makers out there who are keeping it real…. respect!