By Damien Griffiths

The Sopranos

In my opinion The Sopranos is the greatest TV show ever made……full stop!

I honestly can’t see there ever being a show that even comes close to the perfection that this show achieves, It has the right mix of everything, It is hilarious when it needs to be and there is no better example of black comedy!

I have the full DVD boxset and I’ve watched it through now I think 5 times, what happens every time someone says to me “oh I’ve never seen it” Is that I say “WHAT you’ve never seen it!” and I end up watching them all again with someone else, and they never get boring for a minute.

The characters are amazing all in their own little ways, obviously Tony is an amazing character and James Gandolfini was a perfect choice for the role, you believe he will kill you if you put a foot wrong but also he can be so human sometimes.

The partnership of Paulie and Chris is genius, they have amazing chemistry and the way their relationship develops and changes throughout is brilliant, one minute they want to kill each other and the next they are like brothers. The pair of them are constantly causing Tony headaches which makes for some brilliant story lines, personally the episode with the Russian in the forest is up there with the best.

I think the reason that you get so engrossed is the realism of the characters, and how Tony tries to juggle keeping his own family happy while taking on the massive stress of dealing with his other life, there are more similarities to real life here than you realise which is why it is so appealing.

There are some serious real life issues in there which are tackled brilliantly, to the point where they are quite shocking such as Chris with his heroin addiction.

So if you haven’t seen it, watch it now! and if you don’t want to watch it, watch it anyway!