Hidden hacks you wish you knew sooner.

  1. Add not 1, not 2, but 3 snapchat filters!

Simply snap a photo and swipe to select your first filter. Now hold one finger on the screen and swipe with another to add a second filter. Release fingers before holding down again with one finger and swiping with another to add the third filter!

2. Emoji filters

Simply take a snap and enlarge an emoji which is reasonably transparent. The grey sky emoji next to the tornado creates a great new filter effect when enlarged over the whole image.

3. Fingerless recording

To record a snapchat video without holding in the record button simply go to:

  • settings
  • general
  • accessibility
  • Interaction
  • Turn on Assistivetouch
  • Create new gesture
  • Hold your finger on the screen and let the blue bar max out
  • Stop
  • Save the gesture
  • Open snapchat and tap the small icon
  • Custom
  • Tap the capture button and the watch the gesture record the whole clip

4. Black and white text

To access the black and white text on snapchat, simply drag your finger towards the top left corner of the screen to access the colour white and drag your finger towards the bottom left of the screen to access the black!

5. Rainbow text

Simply highlight the chosen letter(s) and select a colour on the wheel. Then highlight the next letter(s) and select a colour from the wheel to create multicoloured text!

6. Endless text

To max out the word limit on snapchat, simply open notes on iPhone and type. Continuously press enter to create a large space within the note before typing something else on the last line.

Paste this note into snapchat and you will have a large text box. You can then delete the previous note and begin to write into the large text box!