The Wheel of Doom

All you want to do is add a simple cross dissolve, is that so much to ask? “The wheel of hell”, “the death wheel”, “I hate the stupid wheel”, there’s lots of colourful terms people use to describe this controversial character, but we can all agree, we hate it!


When Final Cut Decides it’s Time to Quit  

You are in the zone! You’ve just found that clip that’s going to make your video shine, you can hear the applause in your head, the looks on peoples faces, the high fives you’ll get for choosing that ‘sick clip’. You reach to drag it into the timeline, then snap, it’s gone, and you get this delightful message that sets you grinding your teeth, you reopen Final Cut (which takes a good 20 minutes to reload) and that winning shot has somehow vanished. Sound familiar? Our tip, take a walk before you start banging the keyboard.


Exporting Fails at 99%

After final cut has quit several times and the wheel of doom has drove you to the point of insanity, you finally export that video that’s taking up the majority of your hard drive. You’re 3 hours into your export, and there’s only so many times you can pretend to flick through your twitter feed, the number hits 99% and then decides to tell you the ‘operation has failed’. At this point you either flip your desk or start screaming through the office, choose wisely.