By Danny Proctor

So it’s Christmas, which to me, means a couple of things… You are going to eat too much, complain about it and then eat more anyway. There will be a family argument that could have been avoided by listening to your mum and not inviting “handsy” Uncle Dave to the Christmas meal and at some point you will probably sit down and watch the age-old classic Home Alone.

Its 9pm on Christmas day and the meal is done, Uncle Dave has gone home with the left over bacon wrapped winkies and I find myself watching Home Alone for the 28th time. Then it all hits me… Had the film been set in the present day, it would not have been the same movie! This got me thinking and while completely ignoring the rest of the film, I sat and wrote a blog about five other films that would be affected had modern day technology existed.

Warning, movie Spoilers ahead!

1. Let’s start with Home Alone.

Cut to the moment Kevin wakes up and finds out he’s living alone! Immediately he picks up his mobile phone, phones his mum, mum orders an Uber, problem solved. They all have a very Merry Christmas.

2. Dude where’s my car?

So the two “dudes” wake up and have no idea where their car is. Nowadays (for me anyway) every time I park my car somewhere, Google Now likes to remind me every 10 minutes where it is…

3. The Usual Suspects

An absolute favourite of mine that would have come crashing down very very quickly had Facial Recognition Cameras had been invented! So skip back to Kevin Spacey spinning his intricate web of lies to the detectives, and then skip back further to the moment he first walks in to the Police Station. He would have been instantly recognised and the Detectives wouldn’t have had to wait on primitive faxing methods!

4. Psycho

This one is pretty self explanatory… To have a quick look on Trip Advisor and see that the owner of the Bates Motel likes to perv on you in the shower and then jab you a few times with a kitchen knife would quickly change your mind on residing there. No thanks.

5. Jurassic Park

Had GPS been invented around the time our Dinosaur enthusiasts visited the Beautiful yet stupidly dangerous Isla Nublar, they wouldn’t have got lost and caused havoc toying with the poo b*stards.

That rounds up my list of 5 films that would have been ruined had they been set amongst todays technological advancements. Maybe you have an idea of a film that would be ruined in todays setting? Maybe you also have a naughty Uncle Dave? Let us know in the comments below!